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Blockchain-powered messaging and
payment platform for all

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Kapela is a community-based project that operates with the strength of its followers, developers, designers, and admins.
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Buy, Sell and Trade Kapela

Utilize the dashboard to store, transfer, trade, and sell your coin easily and securely. We will provide Coinbase, PayPal, BitPay, and Shapeshift payment support soon.

Key Features

Kapela has been designed based off previous public projects' successes and failures. We have taken some of the best, or most beloved, features from several projects into mind and will be developing a completely decentralized community-oriented peer-to-peer instant messenger on our blockchain.

Always Encrypted

Messages, calls, videos, file sharing, payments, and any other data that is transferred are all secured with end-to-end encryption. A user's personal information and data are encrypted using the user's private key.

Everything Private

In order to ensure there are no possible breaches, leaks or publications, unless the user authorizes it, only your private key can access your data, and no personal information is stored on any nodes.

Digital Assets

Users will be able to send, receive, and store the KAP coins via the Kapela application. They will also be able to exchange KAP for other coins, as well as use KAP as a form of payment in the marketplace.

Interactive In-App Bot

Using a blend of GUI and command line, users will have an extremely wealthy experience with the in-app automated features. The chat bot syncs to the marketplace, and provides a multitude of widgets to assist users in completing their orders efficiently.

Rich Conversations

There are emojis, GIFs, files, pictures, reactions, link previews, embedded videos, markdown support, and micro-interactions that will allow Kapela to be considered a bleeding-edge collaboration platform. Users will be able to customize their messages in terms of color, font, and size; allowing an experience like no other in terms of full customization.

Timed Messages

There are certain messages users may want to send in a sensitive time fashion, or keep around for a set time period. Users can set self-destruct timers on each message they send, which will prevent anyone from reading the message after a certain point, and can be great for keeping conversations tidy.

Audio and Video Integrations

Send optimized recorded voice and video messages in a simple way, when text is too difficult or just isn't enough. Also converse with real-time audio or video in a fully-encrypted environment with no data stored on nodes after the calls end. Utilize this for deep private conversation that can be considered off-the-record.

File Sharing and Storage

Our secure file sharing system utilizes a content-addressed, authenticated, immutable, and version controlled distributed data structure to securely and very efficiently store user files. All uploaded files are encrypted and controlled only with the user's private key. This can work for all file types, synced between devices using private keys, and securely shared with external guests.


Designed for Bots in Mind

Utilize a new way to call bots with a symbol reminiscent of spreadsheet programs. Using the "=" sign on the keyboard, begin typing what you wish to do into the chat interface, and the correct bot will be called forward to complete the desired task.

Type what you want to do. Get auto-completed suggestions from different levels. Shop and interact by categories, and select the appropriate bot for each task either in parallel or series. This means the data from one bot can be carried by another to complete multiple stages of a task.

For example, one bot can find a flight, and then send data to another bot to purchase the flight, which will then confirm the data with the bot for a specified airlines. This can be applied to a limitless amount of possible combinations.

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Summer 2018
Launch Kapela Dashboard

A web interface for storing Kapela tokens, and interacting with your account prior to release. Gives our community the ability to grow and distribute before the official coin begins being usable.

Q3 2018
Beta Release Messaging Platform

Cross-platform Beta release of Kapela test-network on web, desktop, and mobile. Will allow collaboration between users in three decentralized methods; channels, groups, and mail.

Q4 2018
Activate Proof-of-Stake Functionality

Switching from the token to the coin will give our network full control of our own blockchain. This will enable us to make decisions on our own as a community to make Kapela more capable.

Q1 2019
Expanded In-App Bot & Marketplace

The opening of an in-app-store for featured and third-party interactions between the in-app bot and companies. The release of a rewards system for spending Kapela coins on the marketplace.